'How many students ... were rendered callous to ideas, and how many lost the impetus to learn because of the way in which learning was experienced by them?' John Dewey

MJ Etc. Consultants

Mary Ellen Ledbetter
  • Over 20 years teaching experience
  • National Consultant & Presenter
  • Recognized for Distinguished Teaching & Outstanding Contributions for Educational Profession
  • Advisor for Recipients of National Scholastic Writing Awards
  • Awarded Outstanding Teacher 3 years
  • National & International Reading Presenter
  • Presenter for the following

           Gifted and Talented

Dr. Janet Coleman
  • Over 20 years teaching experience 
  • Early childhood specialist
  • National & International Reading Presenter
  • Administrator
  • Instructional Specialist
  • K-12 Reading Specialist
  • Executive Director of Curriculum

           ESL/ Bilingual
           Special Ed
           Federal Grants
           Reading First Director

Melissa Kellems
33 years teaching experience in Kindergarten/Pre-K
Experience in teaching grades 1-3
Lead Teacher
Mentor Teacher
Multi-Age classroom teacher (Pre-K/K)
Administrative Experience (Summer School/ Saturday School)
Professional development trainer for reading, writing, technology and lesson planning
Curriculum Developer
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Technology
Dual Language Teacher
ESL certified