“The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity.” –Robert Brault
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 The Writing Teacher's Activity-a-Day offers 180+ ready-to-use, reproducible activities that will enhance writing skills of all secondary students.  Written for teachers in grades 6-12, the book's classroom-tested activities are designed so that teachers aren't required to do any extra grading.  Partnering techniques along with new oral assessments and peer-editing strategies not only reduce teacher paper load but provide immediate feedback for students. 

Includes motivational quick writes in a game format. If you want fun listening, speaking, and writing warm-ups for your class, this is the book for you. It is formatted as a "game" that students guess about various aspects of their partner and then vice versa. Students are taught to reason, support, and have fun doing it!


This one-of-a-kind 600-page comprehensive resource gives K-6 students dozens of teacher and student writing samples to analyze and use as models for their own work. Higher-level thinking questions involving structure, voice, and mechanics are included so that students can analyze the components of quality writing.

Teacher-written models that integrate reading, writing, and grammar skills for daily use. Can be used as warm-ups, an introduction or review of skills, partner work, or an entire lesson. Complete with six comprehensive tests. For advanced middle school students to high school students.



This unique resource gives secondary English teachers a refreshing new approach to research-based writing that takes students step-by-step through the process of writing research papers in all modes and offers a variety of in-class projects.  Included are scores of reproducible assignments that introduce students to the various aspects of research and involve them in writing six different types of research papers.



This 357-page resource of writing, literature, grammar, and vocabulary activities is designed to be used with any material, unit, or mini-lesson.  The writing activities include teacher and student writing models as well as student-interactive rubrics that serve as guidelines at each step in the writing process to ensure that all the necessary components are present in each piece. 


One-hundred-eighty student-written excerpts followed by two writing questions, two grammar questions, and two reading questions. Use of daily passages designed to improve scores on state-mandated tests.