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Janet Coleman

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Fort Worth, TX  76108


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Dr. Janet Coleman’s Sessions for Grades 3-6

Writing Instruction & Exemplary Student-Friendly Examples

  •    Key Elements of Writing
                  Elaboration of Ideas
                  Elaboration of Language ( Voice)
  •   Formative Writing-- in stages
  •   Expository /Narrative
  •   Multi-Paragraph Examples          
  •   26 Liners
  •   Response Methods that Work  
  •  Conferencing—(what the class does & what the teacher does) 

Cost Includes Workshop & Packet of Examples Ready for Classroom Use

199.00 per person  (No cancellations 30 days before the workshop). You must prepay or send a PO.


A book will be provided each day along with samples, exercises and activities that can be implemented into the classrooms immediately. There are no manipulations to buy, no embarrassing activities to perform and no additional purchases.   

No cancellations 30 days prior to workshop.


Other dates to come or you may email or call to see about having a workshop in your area.


If you are interested in a date or location not listed below, please email Dr. Coleman with a date, and she will contact you about availability and cost.